Why Hiring a Chauffeur is a Great Idea!

Why Hiring a Chauffeur is a Great Idea!

Posted on January 30th, 2023.

There are few things that can feel more luxurious than having your own private Chauffeur. Hiring a Chauffeur could be a great idea for you and your family! Just imagine having someone there to drop you off to wherever you need to go. Pick you up from any meeting, event, or party you ever attend. And knowing you and your family will be transported safely and efficiently to all your appointments. A great chauffeur can really make a difference in your life.

So why is hiring a Chauffeur a great idea? Keep reading to find out!

Efficiency & Organisation

One of the main differences in hiring a Chauffeur will be for you and your family is efficiency. There are all of a sudden so much less things you have to worry and think about, as your Chauffeur will organise so many things for you.

Just simply let your Chauffeur know your daily and weekly schedule, and they will do everything from there. Your Chauffeur will be ready to drop you to work, bring the kids to school and take any other members of the household to wherever they need to go. The Chauffeur will plan his or her day in this way that they will always be there ready to pick you and the rest of your family up to take you to your next destination.

With a Chauffeurm you will never be late again! Yes, that is quite a statement. But Chauffeurs are the absolute pro’s in planning and organising travel. They know the traffic better than anyone and will be able to tell you exactly what time you will have to leave, to get there in time. Handy for things like work meetings and school. But absolutely crucial when talking about catching a flight and travelling!

Help with Children

First things first, a Chauffeur is not a Nanny – and finding a combination Chauffeur/Nanny role is extremely unlikely. However, having a Chauffeur can be a great help to family life. If you have one child it can already be extremely effective for the daily routine and smooth running of the family day. But especially if you have several children, hiring a Chauffeur can be such a great idea to help with busy family life!

The Chauffeur will be able to neatly plan and schedule the morning school run, calculating in different school locations and drop off times. In the afternoon, the Chauffeur will be at hand to do all the pickups and bringing them to any after school clubs and appointments needed.

There is great importance in knowing your children will be in time at the places they have to be, but most importantly, to get there safely. When hiring a Chauffeur, look for someone who has previous childcare duties in his or her CV. You should also expect the chosen private chauffeur to have a full DBS background check to ensure that there is complete peace of mind. Some chauffeurs have children of their own, and they can be a favourable option to hire as they will have experience looking after children and the dynamics required when driving them to destinations. Just make sure they will have enough time to work for you for the hours that you require.


Firstly, a Chauffeur is a highly professional driver. Most Chauffeurs have followed specific courses on how to drive best, and that can really show. Some say the best way to find out if a Chauffeur is a good driver is to do the ‘coffee cup test’. Having a cup of coffee in your hand whilst being driven around, at normal speed. A great Chauffeur will make sure that not a drop of your coffee gets spilled outside the cup!

If you are looking to hiring a Chauffeur who can offer more specific security duties, that can be an option too. You can hire a security driver, or a Chauffeur who has done specific security training courses.

These types of Chauffeurs can come from an extremely varied background. Police, military or special forces can be options. They will be able to drive at high speeds with safety and care. These types of Chauffeurs will also be well versed in dealing with high-intensity and dangerous situations and giving additional protection to the clients.

A high-security chauffeur may also have bodyguard training and be able to give additional security when accompanying the principal from the car to the door of their destination. Likewise, members of high profiled families are all too aware that their children become targets for kidnap and ransom, so having a private chauffeur who is highly trained in security and close protection will ensure complete peace of mind for the family. Hiring a private chauffeur with this level of skill will require a higher salary, as you will be paying for the expertise that the candidate has alongside his traditional driving skills.


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